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If you think you could have Dyspraxia, get in touch with the team and we can arrange to do an assessment.

Dyspraxia assessments usually take up to 4 hours to complete and can be done in the workplace, at home or in School, College or University to suit you.

A number of different tests are carried out such as testing ballance, aim and writing and such tests will always be carried out by one of our qualified Occupational Therapists.

An assessment takes 4 hours to complete with a further 8 to 11 hours for our team to review the results of the tests and write a report. 

Our team then sit down with you to discuss the report and ensure that you fully understand it.

The next stage would then be 1 to 1 support but if that is not necessary or inappropriate we will discuss other options with you.

We will never leave a customer at this stage without ensuring that everything is fully understood and there is an appropriate next step.

► 1 to 1 Classroom Support

Our support workers are highly trained locally based support staff who provide our services in your area. 

Being locally based they have existing relationships with the local authority, head teachers of most schools depending on the area, as well as principals of any Universities & Colleges in the area. 

Some areas have dedicated Further & Higher Education (FHE) support workers that only look after the Universities & Colleges in the area due to their sheer size and the demand from students.  

► Advice

Our contact centre team are on hand to provide any advice or assistance you may need, whether you need someone to talk to the school or an employer or if you have any questions about our services or a queerie about your account.

► 5 to 65 program

Our 5 to 65 program is designed specifically to introduce support as early as possible, with the aim being from primary 1 or from about 5 years of age. 

Once support is in place it should carry on smoothly transitioning with the child through Primary School, High School, College &/or University and on into employment.

Not everyone needs or wants full time continuous support with the same person, but this program is for young children who have been diagnosed early and need the reassurance of a familiar face to take them to the next stage of their education or help them in to employment.