Purchasing and Procurement

Welcome to the Dyspraxia Scotland Purchasing and Procurement page.

You've visited at a great time, we really hope you might be able to help us.

We've split each of our contract renewals or purchasing requirements into categories, for example "Automotive".

Click on each category for more details on the requirements we have.

Once you have found a requirement that you think you can help us with, click on the "submit bid or proposal" button.

You'll have the opportunity to upload brochures, data sheets or a proposal during your submission.

Please make sure you read the specification really carefully and that you understand what we need, we might reject your proposal or submission if you make assumptions or the specifications are not a close enough match.

If your proposal doesn't meet the exact specification or requirements, you need to tell us why, what solution you can offer and in what way it is different to what we originally asked for.

For example, if we asked for quotes for a new vehicle with a 1.5 litre 150 bhp engine and your proposal is for a 1 litre 95 bhp engine you will be expected to clearly explain why you have made that alternative proposal and demonstrate what makes this a better option.

We are more likely to consider your proposal if it is of a higher specification than a lower specification to our requirements, however, if you can successfully show the benefits and potential of the lower specification we may consider your submission.

It is absolutely imperative that you read and fully understand the following information,

failure to do so will result in rejected or deleted submissions or communication.

Questions on any of our requirements MUST NOT  be submitted through our general enquiries email address or through our main telephone number, emails and calls will not be forwarded or passed on and your call will not be answered by the purchasing manager.

Please ensure you follow the correct process to submit any questions you have, please also ensure you have fully read the requirements first before submitting a query, if the answer is in the requirements you may not get a response or your proposal may be rejected.


Questions, queries and proposals or submissions via social media platforms such as LinkedIn or any attempt to bypass the submission process, gain information or cheat to win contracts or purchasing will not be tolerated!

We do not conduct business with dishonest or devious people or companies, individuals or companies conducting themselves in such a manner may be reported to the Competition and Markets Authority, Trading Standards and/or police.

Furthermore, any member of Dyspraxia Scotland staff involved in such behavior will have their employment terminated with immediate effect, our staff are not pawns and cannot nor will they be bribed into awarding contracts or purchases to friends or family.

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