Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you a charity?

No we are not. 

We used to be but we have not been a charity since April 2018.

Why do I have to register before you will help me?

Ah, that little thing called Data Protection means that we can't take any information from you unless you agree to it and unfortunately just saying "yes that's fine" on the phone isn't enough. As we collect your information we have to be careful about how we handle it and what we do with it so we need you to give us that information willingly and agree to certain terms and conditions on doing so. 

How do I know what I have to pay?

We will send you an invoice which tells you what we are charging you for, what each thing costs & how much you have to pay us. We usually give you 2 weeks to pay your invoice but sometimes it will be more, sometimes it will be a little less depending on when the due date falls. If for example it falls at the weekend we might adjust the due date slightly to the Friday before or more likely the Monday after, it just helps with banking and payment processing.  

How do I pay my invoice?

We'd really like it if you could pop our details into your online banking and just send us what your due us electronically. It's nice and quick and saves lots admin!

If you don't have online banking it's absolutely fine, just let us know when you register and we will know we have to wait for a cheque to arrive from you.

If you don't tell us we'll keep contacting you looking for payment from you if we don't know your paying by cheque. Once we have got your cheque we'll let you know it's arrived and we've popped it in the bank, all being well you shouldn't need to do anything else, if something dose go wrong we'll let you know straight away so you can fix it for us.  

Can I have a job?

Oh wow! We'd love to see if you might be suitable for any jobs we have available. Pop over to our recruitment page and have a look, good luck! 

I don't see a phone number, how can I contact you?

Drop us an email and one of the team can arrange to call you.

It gets really busy sometimes so we find it easier to manage customers this way.


Unit 24,

9 - 10 Dock Street




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